Kelting Piano Studio

"...Play skillfully with a shout of joy." Ps. 33:10

Piano Lessons: Policies and Procedures

Fall Semester 2016-Spring Semester 2017

Katie Kelting

1129 W. Desert Hollow Dr.

San Tan Valley, AZ 85143

[email protected]

Lesson Procedures: Each student will receive a private thirty-minute lesson consisting of one-on-one instruction with the teacher incorporating technique drills, theory exercises, and a variety of repertoire.

Piano Lab Procedure: All students will participate in fifteen minutes of independent work in piano lab. This time will allow students to utilize the studio’s technology. This time is valuable to student’s progress and will reinforce and expand upon concepts taught during the lesson.

Practice Procedures: In order to progress, the student must spend time practicing outside of lessons. The assignment book records assigned material the student is to practice over the week. Refer to and fill in the student’s assignment book each week. The teacher will make every attempt to guide and help students do what is necessary in order to progress with their musical skill. Such help includes assistance in establishing good practice habits and a consistent practice schedule. If a student refuses to accept the guidance of the teacher in practice habits and scheduling, the teacher maintains the right to terminate the lessons.

Tuition: Sixteen lessons will be administered over the course of each semester. Tuition is divided into five payments of $75.00 per month. Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month regardless of the amount of lessons in the month.

Attendance: Students are expected to maintain regular attendance regardless of preparation. Progress will depend on commitment to lessons and practice.

Absences: Should an emergency or illness arise that affects a student’s scheduled lesson time, please notify the teacher. In these cases absence is expected and understood. Other personal reasons for canceling should be avoided to ensure that the student makes steady progress. If a parent chooses to cancel a lesson for a personal reason, understand that apart from the scheduled make-up days given on the calendar or personal arrangements made with the teacher, the lesson will not be credited, made-up, or rescheduled. If the teacher must cancel a lesson, the lesson will be rescheduled at the student’s convenience or credited at $23.50/lesson

Student Responsibilities: Students are expected to practice their assignments, bring all materials with them to each lesson and come to lessons with a teachable attitude. Students must also demonstrate a respectful attitude by behaving properly during piano lessons and addressing the teacher as Mrs. Kelting.

Parent’s Responsibilities: Parents are expected to show support and interest in student’s progress, help establish and maintain a regular practice schedule free of interruption and be punctual about pick-up and drop-off time for their child’s lesson.