Kelting Piano Studio

"...Play skillfully with a shout of joy." Ps. 33:10

Thank you for your interest in my studio! My name is Katie Kelting and I love teaching piano. I enjoy students of all ages, levels and learning styles. I believe in teaching students the satisfaction of hard work, the importance of self-expression, and the joy of sharing music with others. I offer private lessons with a variety of technique, repertoire, and theory instruction. Each of my students enjoy time in my studio's piano lab working with music technology, making recordings and reinforcing musical concepts through interactive games. It is my goal to develop well-rounded pianists who enjoy working hard and sharing their music with others. My studio is very busy throughout the year preparing for a variety of performance events. Together we have fun and enjoy making and sharing music with the community!

My passion for music began at a very young age as I learned to enjoy the music of my faith in church. I began piano lessons when I was five years old. I studied with some excellent teachers who have further developed my passion for piano and my love of teaching. I began student teaching with my piano teacher when I was in high school. I then taught piano throughout college and launched my own studio in 2011.  Receiving my Bachelor's in Education has prepared me to instruct students of all learning styles. I am a active member of the Desert Valley Music Teacher's Assoication. I also enjoy accompanying both professionally and voluntarily. I'd love for you to contact me and tell me more about yourself!